In the Middle

52 weeks

52 topics

52 moments in time together…

You ever started something and mid-way through had to ask yourself “wtf did I just get myself into?”

I had that moment this week.

Like am I really going to have something to say all year?

What if I don’t? What if I’m annoying? What if it doesn’t resonate?

Mid way through the journey always feels the hardest.

It’s not the beginning. Because the excitement of the beginning overshadows the reality of the work ahead.

And it’s definitely not the end. Because the relief of the end being near is wildly comforting.

But that middle? Who is talking about the middle of the journey?

The part when you’re not sure if you will be able to sustain your strength. When the motivation is gone and the discipline is the only thing carrying you.

The journey into nursing can sometimes feel like that. Especially when you’re new to the profession or new to a different position.

The thrill of securing that new job is encouraging but what about after orientation is over and you’re on your own?

What happens when there is no longer anyone telling you what you need to learn and you have to seek those opportunities to strengthen your knowledge independently?

The things that happen in the middle of the journey are your medicine. These moments are sacred.

It’s where you start going inward. Digging deeper. It’s where we start asking the more meaningful questions. You remember why you started and you start questioning if that still aligns.

You find your discipline here.

The thing that drives you on the days you don’t feel inspired. It’s where you start asking for inspiration to be reignited.

It’s where you become hungry again and it’s where your purpose starts peaking it’s head out to introduce itself to you.

The middle is where a trail of crumbs start appearing for you to follow until you stumble upon the whole loaf of your creativity.

The middle of the journey is a beautiful place. You build strength here. Both mentally and emotionally.

Sometimes there is a wall to climb here. And the obstacles make you feel like you should turn around. But don’t. That’s the test. Can you push through even when it’s not convenient?

Do you want this bad enough to learn how to scale that wall?

Everything we encounter on the way to greatness is teaching us something that we’ll be using on the other side.

So yes, today may feel uninspiring. Today may feel like “wtf”. It might even feel like it’s time to turn back around. But that’s the middle of the journey. And now that you know it, take your rest but keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Because turning around and going back to where you started won’t feel like what you think it will. You’ve changed. You’re growing. And while turning around feels like the safe option, you’ve outgrown the beginning. And maybe you’re not feeling quite equipped for this part of the journey as yet, but know that everyday you’re adding something of value. Even in the uncertainty.

If no one has told you today, I’m proud of you.

I’m excited for you. I am hopeful for you.

How can I be? Because we’re all emanations from the same source. Here just remembering who we are.

We’re all taking this journey together.

The middle of that journey is where the innovators and legends of our lifetime are born.

Are you ready to meet the highest version of yourself here?

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