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Meet Jannel

Jannel is a New York City and Los Angeles based Registered Nurse, Author & Influencer within the nursing community.

A native of the Bronx (New York City), Jannel began her career as a pediatric critical care registered nurse at a nationally ranked children’s hospital in the Bronx. With a desire to see more, she furthered her career as a travel nurse and volunteering her time with organizations that provide health care for children all over the world.

As a practicing nurse of ten years, Jannel uses her expertise to educate, motivate & inspire the new nurse to feel more comfortable and confident as they embark on their journey into the nursing profession.

As a digital creator, Jannel shares her lifestyle as a nurse with her audience providing an intimate look into her daily routines and favorite products that support her role as not only a nurse, but a woman in her thirties.

Jannel’s social media presence (@noviceisthenewnurse) has deeply influenced the women who join her to prioritize their wellness and self-care and to unapologetically pursue their purpose in their careers as nurses. She does this through consistent and relatable content creation.

Jannel has a palpable resonance with her niche audience of nurses and women of all professions. They relate to her eloquent expression of what it means to be a nurse in 2023.

As an Author, Jannel created an affirmations book for the new nurse community, Lavender and Peppermint Tea. The book is filled with reminders and encouragement as they move through the murky waters of the first year as a professional.

A lover of writing, Jannel has recently launched her blog “The Woman & The Nurse” where she takes readers through her raw experiences and lessons as a woman in her thirties while practicing as a registered nurse. She shares her life through each blog post, highlighting the intersection of nurse and ever-evolving woman.

Her goal is to inspire others to live deeply and authentically as she shares her discoveries into the meaning of a full and authentic life for herself.

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