We’ve all had to come to grips with honoring our duality at some point. The two that harmoniously exists within us. The one who felt betrayed when giving light to the other. The other that felt ashamed in comparison to who bravely shined first. We’re all dual beings. I am tired of sacrificing my divine feminine to show up as the nurse. And I am tired of the nurse feeling stifled because she is in her divine feminine energy. I am human. Rather, I am spirit expressing myself in human form…

Both shall live. Both shall feel free.

Welcome to the Woman & the Nurse.

A safe space where I will honor both of me that exists. All of me that exists. All of me working towards her highest self. Without compromise. Without shame. Without feeling like one dies because of the other. Freedom. Freedom to express all of my expertise in nursing and all my experiences as a woman that guide my view point. All the energy moving within me. Through me. Ready to inspire and motivate. In its truest form.

No one hushed. No one left behind.

No longer choosing who gets air for the day.

Honoring them both through the one thing that has never failed me.

My words…

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