L & P Tea

I know what it’s like to cry alone in the staff bathroom then wash your face, go out and pretend like nothing happened as you contend with all the patients, families and doctors waiting on you to be their nurse that shift.

I know the pressure of looking for words that can’t be found because your thoughts are too disorganized to create one coherent sentence to describe what you know might be wrong. I know the pain of watching the magic you thought you had slip away hour by hour. I know because I was once that new nurse. I was once that girl begging for someone to see me and validate my experience. Well, let me hold your hand and be for you what I needed in those moments as a new nurse.

Lavender and Peppermint Tea is a book of affirmations with reflections and journal prompts to support the new nurse as they get through the common challenges experienced in the first few years as a nurse. Each gentle affirmation will shake the reader’s limiting beliefs around their ability as a new nurse while helping them untether from the fear, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm they so desperately want to be rid of.

Welcome to the first step in believing in your magic again as a new nurse.