The “C” Word
The “C” Word

I am usually always perceived as this one in the room. Even when I don’t exactly feel it. I suppose it’s the New York in me! That “Concrete Jungle” taught me a lot about my game face!

I have learned through the years how important that perception of me is.

It allows my patients to ease into our plan of care together.

It lets my charge nurse know, “I can handle this” and if I can’t, I can comfortably let you know that too.

It shows my team, let’s act now because they see the urgency in my eyes.

Still wondering what I am talking about?

If you guessed Confidence! Ding Ding Ding! You are correct!

My confidence or how those perceive my confidence allows a trusting relationship to form with those I work with but most importantly myself. When I trust me, it says to everyone else around me, you can comfortably trust me too!

In case you missed this post.

It’s still very relevant. So Let’s revisit!

Confidence is one of those things that no matter the situation or the specialty you are practicing in, it’s needed. It’s mandatory. I wish there was a confidence gas station we could all go to and fill up our tanks after a horrible work day or clinical.

$45 of Confidence on pump 5 please!

If only life were that easy.

Confidence by definition, states “a feeling of self- assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own ability or qualities.” The thing is, as a new nurse you have no gauge of your own abilities yet. You think you know a few things because you have spent so much time studying but you really have no idea how to intuitively carry these tasks out. You are relying on the guidance of those around you. The truth is, confidence comes with experience. It’s not just some trait that automatically gets instilled in you once you pass the NCLEX. It requires an effort. So why is it important to have so much of that self- confidence as a new nurse? The International Journal of Nursing Studies reports that the lack of confidence that new nurses experience can potentially compromise the implementation of safe and effective healthcare. How do we get some of that confidence we just spent so much time discussing you ask?



is to come to your units prepared. Always, especially in the beginning of your careers, have a resource book that is unique to your specialty. This book should have common diagnoses, the pathophysiology, medications used and nursing implications. When you encounter a diagnosis you are unfamiliar with managing, you can read first then ask appropriate questions. You will know what you should be monitoring and how to safely implement care. It is also a very good idea to know how to access the policies and procedures for your hospital and unit. These collectively make you a more responsible nurse and you will feel more confident when you can find the answers yourself.


“Comparison is the thief of joy.” Please do not waste your day wondering how is it that super nurse down the hall has impressed every doctor on the unit and finished their documentation while you are still struggling through meds. It is none of your business. That is the easiest way to give yourself a bad day. Celebrate your small wins and disengage from what others are doing. You should only compare to learn, not to beat yourself up.

Confidence is not just “I got everything correct.” It’s about being brave enough to step out and learn something new. It’s allowing new experiences to challenge you.

So there goes #3

Allow new experiences to challenge you!

Some of these may humble you but that is what the journey is about.


Stay above the swinging pendulum.

You may have some good days and you will for sure have some bad ones. None of these dictate the nurse you will grow into. Unless however, you manage to make a very horrible mistake.



Be gentle with yourself. Don’t allow the great days to make you overly excited and certainly do not allow the bad days to make you want to give up. The journey is not linear. Your patients are waiting on you. Your team is relying on your recommendations! So push those shoulders back! Hold that head up High! And continue to make your profession proud!

And if you want some lessons on my NY swag * insert cool face emoji here * Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Have a great week!

With all my love,



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