Self Care Is The Best Care

Self Care Is The Best Care

How are you feeling today?

Are you experiencing that afternoon crash?

Did you sleep enough last night?

When was the last time you truly loved on yourself?

New nurses don’t spend enough time nurturing themselves. We are constantly learning and growing and stretching our minds in so many ways and forget that our bodies need a break. A mental break from all the new information that is entering daily.

Both Ashley and myself have been abstaining from television so that we can focus on accomplishing our goals, but let me tell you, last night was what we like to call “Ratchet TV” night. We take a mental beak from our work load and watch something that requires no mental energy. Just pure entertainment. Seems silly but it is absolutely necessary!

Studies have shown that taking time to pamper yourself or just allowing a simple break increases your productivity.

So how do you find ways to chill out?

3 Ways To Relax While At Work

  1. Leave the unit & Go Outside

I know, I know. Sometimes it feels exhausting to walk past the break room but it allows you to completely decompress from the chaos and work talks around you.

2. Indulge in your favorite snack.

Forget the diet today! If you are feeling really burned out by all the new rules and policies, break the rules you made for yourself. Allow for some flexibility in your personal life to balance the stringent new world of nursing.

3. Phone a friend!

On my breaks, I love to FaceTime my friends and family. Talk about something other than chest tubes and ventilators. Take your mind away from the unit, even if just for 15 minutes. Which btw is a lot of time in nursing. I can pay some bills, eat my breakfast and catch up on Instagram in 15 minutes. LOL

So Go Love on yourself!

No excuses

You can’t give to your patients when your tank is empty!

Have a great rest of the week!

Much Love!


Novice is the New Nurse


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